PO Box 42 Caramut Victoria Australia 3274     Phone: 0412 672 671     Email: dan@rondeauindustries.com.au

With two successful city businesses under their belt, Dan and Sue still dreamt of moving to the country. In 2004 they finally did it. They bought 30 acres in Western Victoria.

Renovating began in earnest on their 1890’s Victorian farm house - it still continues to this day! However, somewhere between learning about sheep, fencing and painting they began designing products for their new business.

Many farmers markets and loads of research later they now run a successful small business based in rural Victoria that designs clever, modern and unique decorating products for the style savvy family.

Rondeau Industries proudly designs and manufactures unique and fresh products for children and now sells to over 40 retail outlets across Australia. The business is growing daily and so is our product range!

If you would like to stock any of our unique products please give Sue a call on 0411 869 146.




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