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Where can I get a fabric covered name from?

You can buy directly from our shop or visit one of our stockists.

How much do they cost?

Custom made names cost $20.00 per letter plus postage.

How big are the fabric covered names?

The fabric covered names are the same size as our custom made names. To get an indication of sizes visit our custom made names sizes page.

What fabrics do they come in?

To see what those fabrics are please visit our fabrics page.

Can I use my own fabric?

Yes, you can! You will need roughly half a metre depending on the size of your name/word. Please email us to discuss.

How can I attach a fabric covered name to my wall or door?

There are many methods that you can use including: 3M Command Strips, Double Sided Tapes or Nails.Keep in mind that if your name falls off the wall for any reason Rondeau Industries cannot be held liable and will not replace your name. Once you choose a product to hang your name with please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

Can I get a word instead of a name?

Yes, you certainly can! We can custom make any word, sentence or paragraph. Please contact us for a quote.

How much do they cost to post?

One custom made name of 5 characters long can be posted to anywhere in Australia for $12.00.

Please contact us for international postage prices.

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